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Game Debertc Online

Deberc Online

Deberc is a game worthy to stand alongside such giants as preference, bridge, poker, and blackjack. There is a hypothesis that it branched off from terz, which was invented by prisoners serving sentences on Sakhalin. To brighten up their monotonous life, and sometimes to earn extra money or pursue other goals, they liked to play terz. And deberc was the final stage of terz, but it was so interesting that it turned into a separate variety. All this happened at the beginning of the 20th century, so the card game has crossed the 100-year mark. Although some researchers believe that the count should start from the 1970s, there is still no consensus. By the way, there is an opinion that at one time it was quite common among the circles of people serving prison sentences, along with "burka" and "snore." But now online deberc is gaining popularity, and people of different ages and professions enjoy playing it.

Деберц онлайн

Two varieties are most famous:

  • Moscow;
  • Kharkov.

Interestingly, here the rules are more or less strict, unlike preference, for example. Differences in different versions concern fines and penalties, but do not affect the main essence, as in preference. The rules are stable, but there are many agreements.

Play Deberc Online for Free

From the very beginning, be sure to study the instructions for playing deberc online. This is not the case where two people sit down and one teaches the other. You can start playing online and try to figure it out as you go, but in reality, you will waste time. It's better to first read the rules carefully and then apply your knowledge in practice.

The essence of this card game is to score as many points as possible. In different variations, 101, 301, 501, or 1001 points are scored. To do this, one participant plays one card, and the one who fights must either beat it with a larger one and take it, or discard the least necessary one. A deck of 32 cards is used, without sixes.

Cards have the following values:

  • 7, 8, 9 - do not bring points;
  • 10 - counts as 10 points;
  • Jack - 2 points;
  • Queen - 3;
  • King - 4;
  • Ace - 11.

However, the trump Jack and the nine are counted differently. The first one brings the owner 20 points, the second one - 14.

To play deberc online, you also need to know combinations that will bring additional bonuses:

  • terz - if three cards of the same suit in seniority fall in a row, for example, 8, 9, 10 of spades - plus 20 points;
  • berz, also called fifty (according to the number of points it will bring) - four cards of the same suit in a row;
  • bella - a trump marriage, that is, a queen and a king - also add twenty;
  • the last trick is called the last trick that will bring the player who took it 10 points.

Cards that are part of one combination may be part of a bella.

Not every website allows you to play deberc online for free, but you can do it on our site at any convenient time. The trump is randomly selected from the deck, and when playing with two or three players, the last (bottom) card is also shown - sometimes this information can be significant, especially if the trump is at the bottom. Keep this in mind when deciding to play deberc with a friend or a stranger online. Check for any browser technical issues so that nothing spoils your experience. You can play deberc online with a computer, or you can invite a live opponent for a match. To do this, choose the desired game parameters and submit a request.

Play Deberc Online Without Registration

On our website, playing deberc online is very easy. Even a novice will understand all the buttons and settings within a few minutes. Choose the options in the settings that suit you:

  • The one who ordered the game or the one next to the dealer can go first.
  • The winner or the next in line can deal.
  • Decide for yourself whether to play with obligations or without.
  • Choose the number of players, from 2 to 4.
  • Decide how many points the game will continue to.

Also, determine the amount of time needed for a move and the size of the bet in virtual free FUN currency. It may not be rubles or dollars, but it makes the process more interesting!

You will find online versions of deberc game on the internet. In addition to those mentioned above, there is also a team game. The rules are the same, but the partners are divided into pairs and play two against two. Online team deberc will be appreciated by those who prefer teamwork. Contact between partners is very important. Virtual battle is no different from real one.

Discover this new game, and the desire to play again and again will come back to you. If you're tired after work or just want to spend some time with benefit for your soul and heart, visit our website, arrange with a friend, or leave a request for a stranger, or hone your skills with a robot - in any case, time will be well spent! Try playing each variant of deberc online for free and choose the most suitable one for yourself.