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Debertс - rules of the game

Debertc belongs to the category of commercial card games, such as Thousand Pref and Bridge. Debertc or Clubor came to us from France, where there is a similar game called Belote. It is believed that Debet was quite popular in places not so remote, however, this does not prevent it from remaining an exciting and worthy entertainment for serious players.

Правила игры деберц

Rules of the game debertc

The game involves from two to four players. The deck used contains 32 cards, sixes are removed before the start of the game. To always win, start by learning or reviewing the rules of the debertc game.

The main task of the participants is to get as many points as possible, which are scored by taking tricks. The fight continues until one of the players or team scores a certain number of points - 301, 501, 1001 - depending on the decision of the partners.

Here is its own system of ranking cards by seniority, on which depends the final number of points of the gamer. For regular cards it is:

  • seven, eight, nine - do not bring the owner any points at all;
  • Valet - 2;
  • Dame - 3;
  • King - 4;
  • Ten - 10 points;
  • Ace - 11.

For trumps there is their own counting system, the main differences are as follows:

  • trump valet (sometimes called Yuss) - plus 20 points;
  • nine (also called Manela) - 14 points.

Debertc card game dealing rules. Dealing and bidding

The match starts with dealing, which is done clockwise. Each participant receives 6 cards, with cards being dealt in 3s at a time, i.e. it will take 2 rounds to deal.

After dealing the cards, players evaluate them: whether there are many trumps, whether there are combinations that will bring additional points, whether there is good cover. If everything goes well for you, say: "I play!", if not - "Pass". If in the first round of trading with an open trump everyone passed, the second round of trading begins, where the trump from the remaining three suits is determined. Thus, determining the trump takes place within two rounds, and the one who orders the party is said to play.

It is worth mentioning the concept of "obligations". Before the start of the game, it is usually decided whether to play with obligations or without, i.e. whether it is necessary to order the game to the person who dealt if no one else expressed a desire to fight. When the decision to fight is made, in games for two or three people everyone gets another 3 cards, and the bottom card of the deck - "burr" or "froze" - is turned over and remains visible. "Burr" does not participate in the process, but sometimes it gives important information, especially if it turns out to be a trump. When playing two or three, if the game was ordered in the first round of trading, before the first move each player can exchange the trump seven (if available) for a card indicating the trump.

Types of combinations in debertc

Деберц правила игры в карты

In debertc, there are special combinations - the following consecutive cards of the same suit:

  • Terc - three consecutive cards from the series T K Q J 10 9 8 7. You get +20 to the total score. For example, nine-ten-jack or seven-eight-nine. If you have two tercs, and the older one passes, then both are counted;
  • Berc (also known as fifty) - the same, but with four consecutive cards. Increases the total score by 50;
  • Seven consecutive cards from the series T K Q J 10 9 8 7 make up the combination DEBERTC. A player or team with the DEBERTC combination wins the game regardless of the game score.
  • Bella - if you have a trump king and queen, this will give you the right to +20;
  • last - whoever takes the last trick, gets +10.

So, if you arrange the sequence of combinations in ascending order, we get: terc-berc-debertc. Bella and last stand out here on their own.

It is worth noting that if terc or berc comes simultaneously to several players, only the oldest one is recorded. They must be announced before the first move. But Bella should only be declared when one participant of this sweet couple takes action, that is, it is used to play.

A card that already participates in a certain combination cannot be counted in another combination, this is allowed only for Bella. For example: if you have a trump terc consisting of an ace (Queen-King-Ace), then you count yourself 40 points - 20 for the terc and 20 for Bella (after its announcement, of course). But unfortunately, announcing the higher combination, as well as Bella, is not enough - you need to take at least one trick in this deal for the points for the combinations to be recorded on your score.

Score Counting

After the last trick is played, the most exciting moment begins - scoring. How to do it is clear from the previous explanations. Usually, they start counting "words" - that is, the points brought by various combinations. Then the number of points brought by each individual card is added. But on our website, scoring is done immediately after taking each trick.

An important point: points for combinations will be recorded only if the gamer took at least one trick, even if it did not bring him any points, for example, 8-7 non-trump. Otherwise, they just burn. But it is better to clarify all these points before starting the game.

The rules of the Debertc game provide for such an unpleasant concept as Bait. When a participant challenged to play a certain suit, but circumstances turned against him and he scored a sum less than other players or the team as a whole, he is recorded a bait. The player does not gain anything, and his points are added to the opponent or divided among the opponents. There are situations when a player scored as many points as his partner. Such a bait is called "hanging". Points are recorded only to the player who did not play (ordered the trump), and the fight continues anew. In the next deal, those who score the maximum sum will get them.

Penalties in debertc

  • In case of bait, the player's account is marked with B. And all the points earned go to the opponents.
  • Upon receiving the third bait, 100 points are deducted from the account.

In the Debertc game, there are many other various penalties. For example, for a false declaration of a combination, or for renons (bait on cards), or for cheating when recording points. But playing on our website, you will not encounter such varieties of penalties.